No one understands this movie... and why

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  • Published on Jul 8, 2018

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  • Justin Y.

    Holy cow, is this actual quality content?

  • DeSinc

    this movie was great, man. it taught me about denise richards at a critical point in my life

  • Starving Wolf

    I'm with Sargon, the book was about Liberal Utopia vs Perfect Communism.

  • Misho Pruidze

    Biggest r/woosh known to mankind

  • TheScottishDan

    My dad let me watch this when I was like 7-8, 1st film I got to see boobs and gore, I remember being upset not getting to see Denise Richards tits lol, but loved it, I think I've watched it probably at least 30 times. I'm absolute disgusted with the sequels though, except for the animated series which I watched also.

  • WildCard811 Time

    Honestly you should make more analysis type videos like this one, I enjoyed watching this.

  • Vu Pham

    oh so that’s where the reference “im doing my part is from”!!!!

  • Garrus1995

    It may also be worth noting that the novel first popularized power armor, which has definitely had a major impact on science fiction. Heinlein was a pretty fascinating guy, he had ideas that were way ahead of his time.

  • Graham Kennedy

    The issue a lot of people have isn't that the movie is a parody as such. Robocop is a parody, and that's a great movie. But Robocop was an original story, where Starship Troopers is adapted from the book. Fans of a book always hope for a movie that's at least faithful to the spirit of the book, and this movie is the exact opposite of that. So it set itself up to be disliked.

  • RantingRamsay

    I actually rather enjoy the book, and re-read it a couple of times. It focuses more on the experience of Rico and his journey from child-hood to adult, and the harshness of military life.

  • Oshikorosu

    This was a pretty unique video format for the channel. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • Stephen Houghton

    Actually the fact that the movie was a satire was well understood at the time. Verhoeven hated the book and made an extremely heavy handed satire, to the point of being almost self satirical.

  • Ion Antonescu

    People say that the guy who wrote this is an evil fascist for some reason. He's not. He wrote this in the context of the Cold War where he saw an America which needed to be led by Veterans (Like he was) to guide it through dangerous times with the USSR. Whether he was right or wrong is up to debate, but he simply stated what he believed needed to be done to defend his nation and nothing more.

  • JesusFriedChrist

    Sargon of Akkad just did a review of the movie, and it was really in depth. 10/10

  • Cloud Sanders

    Heinlein's government didn't give out citizenship just to soldiers, but to all people who were employed in government/civic services, such as teachers, since it showed that that member of society actually cared enough to vote and had earned the right to do so

  • Gamerjad

    I love how Felix is sharing more of his interests with us

  • Medieval Dead

    I first saw this at age 9. My friends and I all loved it, watching it 2-3 times a month for the following year after it’s VHS release. Even as (American) children, we understood it was satire and enjoyed every gory moment of it. Starship Troopers was waaaay ahead of its time.

  • D K
    D K 

    When you realize Hank from Detroirt become human is in this movie.

  • Epyrian


  • James Lincoln

    The book was right wing, the movie was a leftist satire of the book. I want to see the remake in all its true Conservative glory.