No one understands this movie... and why

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 8, 2018

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  • Justin Y.

    Holy cow, is this actual quality content?

  • DeSinc

    this movie was great, man. it taught me about denise richards at a critical point in my life

  • starsiegeplayer

    One point: In the novel you didn't have to do military service to be a citizen. You had to do some form of civil service. Rico ended up in the military because no other civil service branches wanted him.

  • Roy

    I'm from Italy, and I can guarantee you that here, Starship Troopers is considered a really fucking good scifi movie.

  • Starving Wolf

    I'm with Sargon, the book was about Liberal Utopia vs Perfect Communism.

  • Gamerjad

    I love how Felix is sharing more of his interests with us

  • Bob Johnson

    Oh look at that, the Washington post doesn’t get jokes and wrongly calls people neonazis... I’m so sUrPrIsEd.

  • Cypher Three Four

    "Never pass up a good thing." General Rasczak.

  • Steinar Guðni

    When we realize Pew is actually smart......STOP THIS NOAAAW

  • RantingRamsay

    I actually rather enjoy the book, and re-read it a couple of times. It focuses more on the experience of Rico and his journey from child-hood to adult, and the harshness of military life.

  • Justin Y.

    Wait, is this actual quality content?

  • Dr. Sam's Health

    It's based on an amazing novel of Robert Heinlein. And they managed to change the story and to completely take away the main point for the novel - rights come with responsibility or... to be more precise, Heinlein's idea of democracy being based on ability to take responsibility.

  • Nick Usalis Knight

    Disagree, the book was not boring and was actually very

  • TheScottishDan

    My dad let me watch this when I was like 7-8, 1st film I got to see boobs and gore, I remember being upset not getting to see Denise Richards tits lol, but loved it, I think I've watched it probably at least 30 times. I'm absolute disgusted with the sequels though, except for the animated series which I watched also.

  • Eastwood007x

    You’re reviewing movies now?!? I like it.

  • Merlin Merlout

    I love how PewDiePie's content has evolved over the years. Introspective social commentary. Well done Felix.

  • William Baxter

    I really can't see what you do in the book.

  • Sohrab Roozbahani

    Robert Heinlein was a US Navy officer, then he got dismissed from USN for medical reasons, did some handful of other jobs then disappeared for few years before appearing again to settle down near some Nuclear missile silos in a small town and become a writer who writes Starship troopers... those few years he had been away, i have some clue where he was... by a good chance the French Foreign Legion... since here and there i hear lines from him all over the novel that are exactly taken from the indoctrination process of the FFL and maybe even the 2nd REP to be exact, things like " everybody jumps, no one quits" or " if you're a clerk, if you're a cook, it doesn't matter, everybody in the MI should go and jump." these are the rules of FFL, and also, the fact that FFL grants citizenship of France to the foreigners who spend minimum off five years of service to it, or new identity to those mildly criminal french citizens who would be ending up at jail for moderate times of a decade or so, hence it was actually giving them the right to vote in the french republic, which french take very seriously and their duty to uphold and enforce... this book was written by a man who's coming back from fresh indoctrination of such values to a USA that is going through a generation change after the great generation... i wouldn't blame him if he tried to do something about all of that...

  • Stephen Houghton

    Actually the fact that the movie was a satire was well understood at the time. Verhoeven hated the book and made an extremely heavy handed satire, to the point of being almost self satirical.

  • Medieval Dead

    I first saw this at age 9. My friends and I all loved it, watching it 2-3 times a month for the following year after it’s VHS release. Even as (American) children, we understood it was satire and enjoyed every gory moment of it. Starship Troopers was waaaay ahead of its time.