What drinking her juice ACTUALLY gives you... -- Dr Phil #6

Sitene Add
  • Published on Aug 7, 2018

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  • What drinking her juice ACTUALLY gives you... -- Dr Phil #6 tags


  • leech

    R E V E R S E

  • BiTcH LaSaGnE

    Her parents didn’t whip her hard enough

  • Mind Of Will

    It cured autism because that kid is trying to figure out ways to not drink this so much so that his brain has made leaps in intelligence to get him out of this.

  • Azaldi

    The lady talking about giving her kid that juice for autism pisses me off to no end.

  • Bryant Kimmons

    And to prove jilly juice works... I sawed my arm in half.

  • riceismyname

    lady: "cancer is just a fungus"

  • Tommy Pohjola

    No, cancer is an app... it's called tik tok

  • Oswaldo_ Animations

    I can finally be

  • Garbanzos Aaron

    If she is asian, she is shameful to the asian community

  • leech

    does it cure ligma?

  • Rex Paul Namang

    He:what is your gender?

  • DOOMGUY 420

    It'll heal you by putting you out of your misery

  • Bob Ross

    PewDiePie: Dont listen to crazy people including me

  • ash :/

    the first symptom after drinking was confusion so that explains a lot.

  • Eric Lecarde

    This juice has so much salt in it, it's like drinking out of the Youtube comment section

  • Sweddy plays

    Excuse me Cancer isnt even a fungus.... its a mistake in cell division that creates a "mutant" cell that will reproduce by division and throughly spread to your specific organ. If there is a mistake correct me ok thanks :)

  • Dimitry Brandon

    Hey lady when u cut ur self it heals because of platelet cells and I’m in 6th grade and I’m smarter than her but definitely not as smart as that eighth grader in the comments

  • Molly Dolly

    ‘Cancer is a fungus’ it’s a freaking cell mutation not a microorganism geeez she needs to go back to school0001f602