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  • Published on Jul 24, 2018

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  • Eilert Sundt
    Eilert Sundt 8 months ago (edited)

    Am I the only one loving these videos where you just talk, I know someone might think it's boring. But i love it when you just sit down and talk. Edit: I know he's standing stfu

  • Just hacking Around
    Just hacking Around 7 months ago (edited)

    After watching so many Pewdiepie videos, I'm losing interest in OTHER channels.

  • EastCoastJeepSRT
    EastCoastJeepSRT 4 months ago

    I’m new to your channel. I have two teen kids that always talked about it. I started watching because they were forcing me to. Not in a Clockwork Orange kinda forcing with duct tape and toothpicks in my eyes, but because they thought it was funny. After watching some of the videos I realized it’s a channel with great content. You can see an evolution of how you’ve changed over the years but people like your content because you come across as very genuine. I’m 47, and started a dopey channel around my Jeep. It’s an awesome feeling getting a fan base and even some sponsors, and earning a few bucks a month for doing something you like is a huge bonus. My point is, as you grow and your content adapts, you’ll continue to gain more subs of all ages no matter how long you stay on here. As long as you enjoy doing it just keep at it. Again, just an opinion from a middle aged guy that enjoys rye content you create.

  • Team APS
    Team APS 7 months ago


  • CuteC3
    CuteC3 7 months ago

    Thanks for the positivity Felix! Honestly, as a channel that is based more on quality over quantity, surviving on youtube is hard, yet people only see the nice side of things, I understand the struggle. Thanks for speaking out for all of us.

  • CinnamonToastKen
    CinnamonToastKen 8 months ago

    Wait...are we even friends?

  • ᴢᴇxʏʀ
    ᴢᴇxʏʀ 7 months ago (edited)

    To be honest, you are the most appropriate person to be the face of Youtube. Compared your personality to others, you seem the most deserving to be the king of Youtube

  • Da Hoonter
    Da Hoonter 7 months ago


  • RyocatOofer
    RyocatOofer 3 months ago (edited)

    when you dont even have 73 subs but this guy has that times 1million

  • 7 months ago

    The fame and money is not a good path to follow, if we want to keep the joy for YTube publishing.

  • Amine
    Amine 8 months ago

    Thanks, now I can start YouTube.

  • Gaming with AL
    Gaming with AL 4 months ago


  • Nice_1_Bruv
    Nice_1_Bruv 5 hours ago

    You just earned another subscriber, could i maybe get one? Trying to grow

  • DanielC
    DanielC 6 months ago

    just a random comment who is not famous and verified :D

  • SaidPower2
    SaidPower2 3 months ago

    finally the legit youtuber who gives the truth about growing

  • Tobuscus
    Tobuscus 8 months ago

    i really appreciate this video man. thanks.

  • Determined Veteran

    Damn good advice .... I’m thankful my military retirement and VA checks sustain me while I try to grow my channel ... the truth is I’m having fun learning something new ! Thanks for the motivation

  • Trevor Terpend
    Trevor Terpend 4 months ago

    Pew your channel is so different to the image you portray. Won me over after 8 years. Ty.

  • Neil Clicker
    Neil Clicker 2 months ago

    everytime i get down, I watch this video and magically I get inspired once again

  • Ochi Bernadas • Ochi In The City

    Wanted to thank you for this video but was almost discouraged looking at the top comments and seeing everyone is verified and im like do i even belong here lol. But seriously man, great words