Detroit: Become Human #5 - THIS. 001f61eIS. 001f61eSO. 001f61eSAD... 001f622

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  • Published on Jul 25, 2018

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  • Detroit: Become Human #5 - THIS. 001f61eIS. 001f61eSO. 001f61eSAD... 001f622 tags


  • Vinthie Vinthie

    Detroit: Become Monetized

  • kRystal159

    felix always does the wrong thing by accident which actually turns out to be better lmao

  • Anthony Briggs

    (Video starts)

  • ellie rose

    Hank: Sumo, attack!

  • Elsa Evran

    Kara tells a beautiful stories

  • Ivan Tarnyagin

    rA9 = ouR Age 9

  • Ivan Tarnyagin


  • Brierley Bell

    “We couldn’t have done it without Markus”

  • Aisha Khan


  • reagan wolf

    “Hey look, it’s a happy family. Something you’ll never have”

  • Sarah Moore

    I wish I had a connor to help me like he helped hank when I'm going through a depressive episode

  • pugacraftero 17

    Wake up liutenant

  • Anthony Briggs

    Pewdiepie: What kind of job let's you come in completely smashed? Cause I want that job.


    Wait if Luther will be the father of the (not so) happy family... THEY BETRAYED MY BOY RALPH

  • Amine WOOF

    This is so sad, Despacito play Alexa.

  • Ella De La Cruz

    The character kara looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence

  • Miyakuli

    She murdered the guy but it was self-defense ; problem is, since she's an android, humans won't even care about that since for them she doesn't mean to have emotions and she's just a robot, so they would have destroyed her in any case. a way that was her only way to survive, kill the guy and run...that's the sad reality of those androids :' so personally, you made the good choice there.

  • rem


  • The Phoenix

    I forgot that Felix and the rest of the world don’t use Fahrenheit. Also I personally prefer the metric system although I’m an American, it just sounds better, and it’s easier to remember, like, meters, grams, kilo, and mili. The American is to confusing like what the heck is with different names for the same measurement? Inches, feet, yard, mile, cup, pint, quart, and gallon. We should all just use the metric it’s way more simple.