NASA Astronauts Arrive at the International Space Station on SpaceX Spacecraft Download

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  • Live gestreamd op 31 mei 2020

  • After a successful launch into orbit yesterday, SpaceX’s Dragon Endeavour spacecraft is en route to dock with the International Space Station. Watch as astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley join the crew aboard our orbiting laboratory:


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    ZeroPlayz YT 1 maand geleden

    When you take social distancing to another level

  • ZCZ 021
    ZCZ 021 1 maand geleden

    These astronauts picked the perfect year to leave Earth

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown 1 maand geleden

    I’m leaving this comment as proof that I was alive during this generations craziest time...

  • Sh3Z
    Sh3Z 1 maand geleden

    Earth: having the worst time of it’s life*

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  • cory leblanc
    cory leblanc 1 maand geleden

    Dear NASA, put a webcam on the moon so we can watch earth.

  • crazy saurus
    crazy saurus 3 weken geleden

    We can't even leave our house

  • Angeles Romero
    Angeles Romero 1 maand geleden

    we just need them to bring an alien and we are already complete for this year lol

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  • V I N C E N T V A N D A M M E

    Plot twist : elon musk is building spacex just to return to his home planet cuz he is an alien

  • StepKickKing
    StepKickKing 1 maand geleden

    Imagine kids in school and college studying history in 100 years, and they get to the year “2020”.

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  • Jep & Maar
    Jep & Maar 1 maand geleden

    I’m literally so bored during this quarantaine that I watched the whole video and now I have a mental breakdown

  • Lucas Cetraro
    Lucas Cetraro 1 maand geleden

    It must be good use an iPad without the fear of breaking it by dropping on the floor

  • Mark Martinelli
    Mark Martinelli 1 maand geleden

    Docking to the ISS is so incredibly complex I can't even imagine the precision calculations involved.

  • Lewe S
    Lewe S 1 maand geleden

    To everyone in the future who are now living in space, I watched this live 2020

  • maria dakila Pila
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    I watched the live telecast of this historic event. I need to drink lots of coffee just to make sure I won't sleep on it. From the Philippines by the way🇵🇭

  • lepsog sir
    lepsog sir 1 maand geleden

    This guy’s a genius he’ll always be remembered now “this day in 2020 Douglas Hurley fell and banged his head in space”🤣🤣

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    Leaving this comment as proof that I was alive during these crazy times in 2020

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