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  • Published on Jul 29, 2018

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  • Melon Dud3

    robot drone: do not move and remain silent obey now


    To be honest as long as Luther survives I'm fine.

  • Holly K

    i cannot watch pewds near my alexa omfg

  • Lizz Wellne

    I don't understand people who are angry at Felix (or anyone else) for picking the "wrong" options, do you not want to see a different outcome than you've already seen?

  • Tae-Nado

    Pewdiepie: My mother always told me that if I didn't know how to express myself, I should sing.

  • Metaphix11b

    Alexa is a deviant

  • Dylan

    all because he picked the streaky shirt

  • Matthew Rodriguez

    Lmao never seen someone unlock all the bad endings in one playthrough. That takes skill. You could accidentally have a good ending in this game

  • Kat M

    Id be so mad if i spent over $8,000 and the government told me i had to give them my android for them to destroy

  • chupeacabra 123

    I wish Alice hit 100% stress and exploded

  • Michael Jay - Value Investing

    Detroit: Become Depressed

  • johhnyboi i

    Guard: DO NOT MOVE OR WE WILL SHOOT (in camp by the way)

  • Scar

    The "bad" endings have a lot more meaning and emotional value than the "everyone lives" ending

  • Queen Of Anxiety

    Honestly I'm glad that it's not just me who hates Alice. I'm sorry but I don't like how she's an Android and throughout the game you take care of her when you can just deactivate her

  • Rowan Wei

    "Do NoT MoVe ObEy NoW"

  • Zeta Krysle

    "Do not move. Remain silent. Obey now."

  • Sun Storm

    I found this play through interesting and all, but it felt like you had no faith in the game. It felt like you were so set in the old ways that the game was not going to give you real choices that you didn't even try to find them. I'm saying this because you felt there was no good ending if you chose differently after Markus refused to surrender but there were at least two other options... You didn't really test its limits.

  • aaa

    i don’t get why people are so mad at him for making “the wrong decisions” if you want to so called “right” ones play the game yourself? i really enjoyed this series and wasn’t bothered that he didn’t take it too seriously, his commentary made me enjoy it more. and yes the endings were sad but it doesn’t matter? it’s not real and it’s what he chose? play the game yourself or watch someone else play it and stop crying

  • GoldenSparks

    Dude please open your eyes when you play games.

  • milkyu

    honestly people are mad that he got a bad/sad ending but like ,,, if every youtuber made all the “right” choices to do a playthrough perfectly it wouldn’t really be that interesting, so at least we get to experience a different ending ya know