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  • Published on Jul 29, 2018

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  • Takahashi nani ni shimasu ka?

    Why is Felix playing the game how he want's to play it? He is supposed to play it like we want it. He is our android. If he has become a deviant we have to take him down.

  • Michael Jay - Value Investing

    Detroit: Become Depressed

  • jazzy · johnae

    people make different choices in a choice based game????? That's strange

  • maia salinas

    The worst part of this endings is that he never saw Hank and Connor hug.

  • Holly K

    i cannot watch pewds near my alexa omfg

  • Melon Dud3

    robot drone: do not move and remain silent obey now

  • a literal mango

    pewdiepie: Alexa play despacito

  • Dylan

    all because he picked the streaky shirt

  • Cupcakes Blast

    Oh, okay... Jacksepticeye's end of the game was like "YAAY! Everyone's alive! Everyone's happy! We did it with a tiny lie!" and then there's Pewdiepie's end like "haha guess what it's cry time".

  • Carin Chow

    Only pewdiepie-

  • Elizabeth Li

    A better way to check which was the real Connor would to see which could convert an android

  • H

    i don’t get why people are so mad at him for making “the wrong decisions” if you want to so called “right” ones play the game yourself? i really enjoyed this series and wasn’t bothered that he didn’t take it too seriously, his commentary made me enjoy it more. and yes the endings were sad but it doesn’t matter? it’s not real and it’s what he chose? play the game yourself or watch someone else play it and stop crying

  • She's a Seesawer Seesawian

    This was a really interesting playthrough. I'd never seen those endings. They were so heartbreaking but it was interesting to see the different outcomes.

  • Scar

    The "bad" endings have a lot more meaning and emotional value than the "everyone lives" ending

  • Lurk Skerwurker

    You can get an ending where no one dies.

  • pedro

    I like how he did every thing perfectly in the way but screwed everything in the end

  • Shepard

    I LOVE that you got this ending and sticked with it!

  • Jemini Zed

    How come this gets monetized but meme review and LWIAY don’t

  • Nin Ja

    If he kissed north The guards would stand down and they would have won

  • Metaphix11b

    Alexa is a deviant