Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 21, 2018

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  • monaim matlaya
    monaim matlaya 8 months ago (edited)

    i didn't watch any gameplays for this game because i was waiting for you to play it and you did a good job .. i swear if you didn't upload the second ep i'll play fortnite

  • Raza
    Raza 5 months ago

    I’ve never seen someone failing the first important choice, you literally killed the girl, the murderer and yourself like wtf xD

  • Phú TheGaming
    Phú TheGaming 5 months ago

    he dont save the fish....

  • Guadalupe Jose
    Guadalupe Jose 4 months ago

    Detroit: Become a

  • HowToGuitar896
    HowToGuitar896 5 months ago


  • Blossom Tea Leaves
    Blossom Tea Leaves 4 months ago

    Todd: God, what am I doing?

    ARYAN 3 months ago

    i would buy an android

  • Nam Uchiha
    Nam Uchiha 1 month ago

    2019 anyone else still enjoy this game?

  • Shoe Flew
    Shoe Flew 4 months ago (edited)

    I don't feel sorry for Markus because he never thanked the bus driver.

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 8 months ago (edited)

    Your fans forced you to do this? Awwwwwwww wittly baby is forced to pawy video games...

  • Leah
    Leah 5 months ago

    Is it just me or did I immediately think of abuse when the guy said the android had a "car accident"

  • airgoden
    airgoden 2 months ago

    2000: i bet we will have flying cars in the future

  • Roblox Oof
    Roblox Oof 4 months ago

    “The Situation is under control”

  • July World
    July World 4 months ago

    Have anyone noticed that at

  • Bronze
    Bronze 8 months ago

    Gaming channel forced to play games.

  • GaveeTheKing
    GaveeTheKing 1 month ago

    If I had an Android, I would ask it to clean my room, not tell it, sometimes I would clean it for them. I would be nice to them in case there’s a revolution, but I also just really love robots. I would also give them birthday parties

  • Mazewalker
    Mazewalker 4 months ago

    My name is Connor I am the android sent by CyberLife

  • Mrs. Kim
    Mrs. Kim 3 months ago


  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson 5 months ago

    Does it bother anyone else that he didn't save the fishy????😢🐟

  • Just BCS
    Just BCS 6 months ago

    "We solved racism by adding androids, now you can hate them instead" LOL