Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

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  • Published on Jul 21, 2018

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  • Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS tags


  • Bronze

    Gaming channel forced to play games.

  • Raza

    I’ve never seen someone failing the first important choice, you literally killed the girl, the murderer and yourself like wtf xD

  • GrGr K.

    Carl: refuses to give his son money for drugs

  • SammaJosee

    Let’s all be honest guys, the reason Felix failed the mission is because

  • Phú TheGaming

    he dont save the fish....

  • Yeetus Deletus

    Yes nine year olds, we did it, we won the war

  • Atta Alfawiradin

    Started over and still missed the fish.

  • Guadalupe Jose

    Detroit: Become a

  • courtney kwasek

    I live in Detroit and this is crazy how they got all of the buildings right and used things that are in the city today, and just upgraded them! Everything, down to the church, is accurate! This is amazing!!!


    I don't feel sorry for Markus because he never thanked the bus driver.

  • Amine WOOF

    Whamen: Become Respected.

  • HowToGuitar896


  • Vague • Blossom

    Todd: God, what am I doing?

  • Koruux

    You can think what you want, but I'm watching his series for the second time and I think that his series were very interesting in spite of some weak decisions. This is his game and his choices. You can't say that he's hopeless, since he didn't do what you expected. You know this game, he didn't know. He chose own decisions. I'm not surprised why he isn't playing games if people are reacting hysterically to every mistake.

  • lαlαтαвlєт gαмιиg

    If this game became a movie I would definitely watch it 0001f603

  • SoefDB

    "I promise you im gonna try to make the right decisions".


    i would buy an android

  • Leah

    Is it just me or did I immediately think of abuse when the guy said the android had a "car accident"

  • Roblox Oof

    “The Situation is under control”

  • July World

    Have anyone noticed that at