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  • Published on Jul 5, 2018

  • smash like if you're a real twitch victim SUBMIT MEMES: Polygon article: Check out A$$: (A game I helped make): MERCH: TSUKI: :::::::My Setup:::::::: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: Europe: Canada: Elgato green screen: #ad (Amazon affiliate links) Headphones:: Camera:: Microphone::: Display:: Light:: Keyboard:: Mouse:: Mousepad:: __ Outro: Animation: Song:


  • SneakerTalk
    SneakerTalk 1 year ago

    THOT 👏🏻 REVIEW 👏🏻

  • Vainglorious Assassin
    Vainglorious Assassin 8 months ago

    Can we just give PewDiePie claps because he did more research and got more evidence than the news article. Like he got the actual clips for the stuff he was trying to prove.

  • ChickenTime
    ChickenTime 7 months ago

    she got stream sniped irl

  • M. E. W.
    M. E. W. 6 months ago

    Pewdiepie is the wierdest down to earth person I've ever seen. And I love it 😂

  • d w
    d w 1 year ago (edited)

    "please stop filming other people"

  • user name
    user name 1 year ago

    I dont trust this video

    SUPA HACKA 4 months ago

    When you realize it's alinity in the thumbnail

  • Bublee
    Bublee 2 months ago (edited)

    Calls gym

  • Wheres Waldo
    Wheres Waldo 4 months ago

    when your about to put a good comment but then realize all the other comments are from 8 months ago.

  • Mariana Martinolich

    Bro that's my gym wtff. I've seen this chick in person before! She doesn't really leave the best impression of the H, but s/o to the member services guy and LTF staff in general for being so chill about it all lol

  • Crimson
    Crimson 11 months ago

    She is dumb, but also a complete sociopath. No sense of shame or emapthy, all world must revolve around her.

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya 9 months ago

    Nothing wrong with being a Thot, but please don't get offended when you are called out for your actions. Feminism means fighting for true equality and that means being responsible for one's own actions and the repercussions for such. Plus, streamer companies should either crack down on ALL gratuitous sexual body part exposure or allow it all including naked streaming. IMHO, there should be an adult option. I wanna see exactly how buff Captain Sparklez is now that he's gone neurotic on calorie counting and the gym.

  • Iyanla •
    Iyanla • 3 months ago

    “I’m not going to say this individuals name”

  • Bryced
    Bryced 3 months ago

    "i don't have a camera!!"

  • 12345a
    12345a 1 year ago

    i like how chill pewdipie has become over the years

  • captain cheetah
    captain cheetah 3 weeks ago

    Instead of raiding Area 51 we should raid the media to teach them a lesson

  • Sarril
    Sarril 8 months ago

    Allow me to ask one question... Why is she not banned yet? Oh, right, because she's a girl and with audience... and shows off her body like I won't say who... AND twitch is getting money for it... So that's the thing uh? Giving freebie, after freebie, after freebie, after freebie yada yada yada... because moneys moneys... when she should be banned MULTIPLE TIMES FOR MULTIPLE REASONS! What the F? Really? Humanity! COME ON!

  • The Pickle Of Destiny
    The Pickle Of Destiny 9 months ago

    I hate it when Felix gets eaten alive by the vultures, you're great and strong and I love it when you expose people like this,you form a good argument.

  • Sanjar Kasmamytov

    Allinity is making animal abuse, but Twitch does not ban her.

  • The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades 1 year ago

    My copystrike senses are tingling...