Fouseytube -- Fouseycon -- July 15th --This is why you shouldnt be a YouTuber

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 17, 2018

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  • Fouseytube -- Fouseycon -- July 15th --This is why you shouldnt be a YouTuber tags


  • Redneck Nation

    When PewDiePie is the most normal, level headed person on YouTube. 0001f92f

  • A A
    A A 

    I am worried about him (definitely not his fan) , but he is going crazy, he needs his parents and family to take care about him. Where the hell are they? With the pattern i see, he will end up doing some crazy shit some day which involve human life either to himself (i wish not) or others. Seriously....Someone needs to hold him down by a neck choke and bring back to reality. Khabib?

  • imnotcalledbob

    he 100% called in the bomb threat cus he knew he had no rappers there lmao

  • Xyo DTR

    Love dies, Bomb Arrives.

  • Beep

    and people actually believed these rappers are gonna be there for real. they deserved what they got.

  • Van Hendrix

    I'm getting so much second hand embarrassment from watching this

  • Derrick S

    Subscribed. You are a very humble down-to-earth dude who is at the top of his game on YouTube. Respect

  • Ethan Andrew

    He definitely has Bipolar 1. He's not taking any meds and he's experiencing a very intense manic episode. He feels like he has a connection with god, or that he is god. Delusions of grandeur. That mixed with his narcissism is a perfect storm. Dude needs some serious help.

  • thedestroyer470

    Lit Poppy's song was so much better with pewd's censoring it. The less you have to hear of that shit, the better.

  • Andreja Pap

    Other youtubers IQ: 80-90, PewDiePie: 150-200. Keep it up, content is fun and funny as always :)

  • Box Entertainment

    Bet the bomb threat was a back up plan for when the concert failed lol

  • GryphonICD

    Now, I don't want to sound racist (which probably means I am) but is it me, or are all the big ego, celebrity whore, we're-so-popular Youtubers American? I wonder if it's a cultural thing to flex influence in such a manner. Not saying all Americans do it, not in the slightest, but almost all Youtubers who throw parties and concerts to honour themselves (ie; demonstrate their ability to gather the highest number to a location the boast about it, inflating numbers as they do) seem to be from America.

  • Mike Mike

    I bet they realized they were screwed so they called a bomb threat on themselves. Actually this whole thing was so dumb they probably didn't even think of that.

  • Gabe

    That's how you know this man runs with fake friends...I would never allow one of my boys to get up in front of people like this and pretty much ruin his career. Especially if he's paying me...

  • Pucks4Fun 2

    That Lit Papi is cringe AF!!! Perfect example of what happens when someone has no musical talent and nobody tells him he sucks big time.

  • Amine WOOF

    Pewds could make an event too.

  • Kelly momma3

    What a loser. Hopefully his channel is really dead. We don't need another yeezy. One narcissistic psycho is enough.

  • Mishan Shah

    Why he lookin like a gta character

  • BorderLime

    This guy is a legit meme. Watch him have another mental breakdown and call himself traffic light with some random ass backstory

  • SlimerCraft

    Why do we keep getting terrible conventions