Detroit: Become Human #3 LIL TAY IS IN THIS GAME!

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 23, 2018

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  • Naturally Courtney
    Naturally Courtney 6 months ago

    Sleep paralysis but it’s Ralph saying “succulent” over and over

  • PencilDoesYT
    PencilDoesYT 8 months ago

    pewdiepie: deviant

  • Aqua Marine
    Aqua Marine 4 months ago (edited)

    Pew: Actively chases Kara

  • Alexis Ozuna
    Alexis Ozuna 9 months ago

    "He looks like Jeffrey Star ... I never said That"

  • Dat_kid _jay
    Dat_kid _jay 4 months ago

    ''Did you guys know that the Ninja Turtles have really big penises?''

  • Matthew Silver
    Matthew Silver 9 months ago

    jeffree star yelling jericho but instead of jericho its gucci

  • Haley H
    Haley H 9 months ago

    "Harder better faster Connor"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TaeHobi
    TaeHobi 6 months ago

    It's funny cause you're actively trying to catch them as you're trying to get away lol

  • Quit clowning around
    Quit clowning around 9 months ago (edited)

    S U C C U L E N T- Ralph 2k18

  • i'Pare - My Singing Monsters
    i'Pare - My Singing Monsters 9 months ago (edited)

    Did I just spend an entire hour of my life watching a Swedish guy searching for squared svastikas around a city in a game? Tell me I didn't.

  • Kirina Akarin
    Kirina Akarin 8 months ago (edited)

    Okay thats literally how we cross the road in vietnam everyday

  • nameless
    nameless 5 months ago

    I love hearing him talk about AI, because you can tell he's genuinely interested in it, and has looked into it before

  • sarasthoughts
    sarasthoughts 9 months ago

    “I don’t want them to get caught!”

  • DinosourousRexx
    DinosourousRexx 8 months ago

    It’s so nice to watch another Pewds let’s play. I started watching your vids back when I was in high school and you played Mad Father. I really liked your personality and you introduced me to a lot of interesting games. But to be honest, I unsubscribed a long time ago because my interests just didn’t line up with your changing content. This feels like a blast from the past and it’s nice. I’m glad I decided to check back in and see what you’ve been uploading lately. I remember back when you played Beyond Two Souls too, and really loved watching that one.

  • Noss Njeppa
    Noss Njeppa 9 months ago

    When 2 androids talk to each other, it reminds me of my autism.

  • Maren-Emilie Berntsen
    Maren-Emilie Berntsen 9 months ago

    hears connor

  • angwa _
    angwa _ 5 months ago

    I L I K E D O G S

  • SDBH
    SDBH 9 months ago

    England: Become City

  • Emily Marshall
    Emily Marshall 8 months ago

    Connors story: !!!

  • Fart Poo
    Fart Poo 7 months ago

    This guys gonna get the bad ending I know it