Detroit: Become Human #6 - THIS.😤 IS. 😤E P I C ! ! ! 😤

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 26, 2018

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  • Constanza Navarro
    Constanza Navarro 9 months ago (edited)


  • Sofie
    Sofie 7 months ago

    This game really shows us what a great dad Felix would be

  • a rat
    a rat 1 year ago

    Markus: plz give androids rights

  • Sean Fakelastname
    Sean Fakelastname 7 months ago

    When I realize that Connor is technically homeless

  • 平和島集ShuChan
    平和島集ShuChan 7 months ago

    lets change the title to detroit: become hank's friend

  • Rolando Tejero Jr.
    Rolando Tejero Jr. 11 months ago

    asks for equal rights

  • Aleana Pineda
    Aleana Pineda 4 months ago

    anything happens

  • agentzane
    agentzane 7 months ago

    all Alice eats is spaghetti and dead rats

  • Nicolas Paul
    Nicolas Paul 7 months ago

    When my Alexa heard “prepare aggression mode” I got scared when she said “sorry, which device?”

  • Tinomuda Madzore
    Tinomuda Madzore 7 months ago

    6 episodes into a let's play:

  • Roman Nudels
    Roman Nudels 1 year ago

    “Find utility android”

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee 11 months ago

    North is toxic

  • Ethan Harkin
    Ethan Harkin 1 year ago

    I love how frequently he almost says something offensive then cuts himself off so the news won't get mad at him

  • Apricotic Peaches
    Apricotic Peaches 5 months ago

    Pewds: We must act normal.

  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy 1 year ago

    Apple : Become Android

  • Misser Sisser
    Misser Sisser 1 year ago

    Every time u say Alexa my Alexa gets triggered

  • st00g3y
    st00g3y 5 months ago

    Hank reminds me of Haymitch from The Hunger Games

    GLACIAL 1 year ago

    Just s theory but I think Alice is an Android. We haven’t observed her drink water or eat food. Like at all throughout the entire game. Also she seemed to sustain almost no injuries from her “father” beating her.

  • Xeliiciøus
    Xeliiciøus 1 year ago


  • James M
    James M 1 year ago

    Dude doesn't need legs to be tossed off the roof and parachute to safety... >_> smh