Detroit: Become Human #6 - THIS.001f624 IS. 001f624E P I C ! ! ! 001f624

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 26, 2018

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  • Detroit: Become Human #6 - THIS.001f624 IS. 001f624E P I C ! ! ! 001f624 tags


  • reagan wolf

    It’s Connor time 0001f3b6

  • IsTJ27

    "I don't think rose can go anywhere quickly, BAZINGA" HAHAHAHA

  • a rat

    Markus: plz give androids rights

  • SmN Flibsy

    Once a guy points a gun at ur head and threatens to kill you, that when you know your best friends

  • Daniel Sambar

    I’m uncomfortable with how much time I’ve spent watching this series.

  • THEM

    This is the only detroit become human play through that ive watched , and pwediepie is the one youtuber that i really wanted to watch from but honestly ,watching him play is the most frustrating thing i have witnessed in a while . The play throughs are awsome and funny but.....its unsettling when he is "lazy" to do all the options. I know its a lot of trouble but thats just my opinion.

  • Jared Arredondo

    Marcus is an Android pretending to be an Android

  • Dolly


  • James M

    Dude doesn't need legs to be tossed off the roof and parachute to safety... >_> smh

  • Noelle Barnes

    "you have no friends you're probably watching this alone" too real pewds too real hahaha

  • CadyGamer Pix

    Conner is really nice guy, I wish I could meet him in real life.

  • Amber


  • Madara Uchiha

    How couldn't you see it was android on far left lol he even moved his eyes twice lmaooooo

  • Misser Sisser

    Every time u say Alexa my Alexa gets triggered

  • Vinthie Vinthie

    connor is an innocent little baby trapped in a cyberlife super soldier's body

  • MuscleNuke

    Just s theory but I think Alice is an Android. We haven’t observed her drink water or eat food. Like at all throughout the entire game. Also she seemed to sustain almost no injuries from her “father” beating her.

  • Emilia Ch


  • taelented

    he was painfully right about me being alone and having no friends while watching this

  • Jake Pain

    Kara looks and sounds like Jennifer Lawrence. Any thoughts?

  • Amine WOOF

    Thank you Alexa, very EPIC.