HCIL Begins Production of All New Amaze - Time to Go Big

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  • Published on May 2, 2018

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  • hemant ghadge

    New Amaze is going to be the biggest success for Honda in India.

  • mariner881

    I m waiting for you my " Baby Accord".....

  • Dhawal Mishra

    You are incredeble honda

  • gurjeet singh

    Pehli amaze itni ugly kyo bnai thi bhai..

  • aakash kumar

    Its really great that honda still maintain the quality and yes the respect of the H logo.... Love you honda

  • Ovishek Sarkar

    Want this Digipad V2 in the legendary Honda City soon...

  • Jijo Joseph

    My first car will be a Honda

  • bunny

    Another tin can or coffin 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • afroz azim

    Honda you must expand your dealership, there is huge market for compact sedan in tier 3 cities which is still dominated by maruti and hyundai.

  • Vaibhav Raj

    HONDA = Peace of mind

  • Binoj Abraham

    Dream job 0001f60e

  • Abhimanyu Kohli

    Congratulations on the new Amaze, Honda. 0001f44d0001f3fc

  • AJ MAG

    Good Luck For Amaze HCIL . Please Please Bring In The All New Honda City ASAP .. Desperately Waiting :)

  • Ganesh TN

    Honda is Honda, but they have to put adjustable headrest in the backseat

  • Sameer khan

    Serious competitors of fuzuki DZire comes

  • Rik Paul

    Does this car have the same speed limiter? If yes I would be miles away from getting one

  • Jinder Dadhahor

    Plz tell me buy new car best offer we are buy yesterday

  • Santosh Kulkarni

    They have a good reputation and build of cars but the dealers and showrooms are not aligned to the HCIL customer orientation goal.

  • dinkar nain

    I m going to buy vx model in petrol all new honda . Wht u will say abt ur prblm coming in ur cars. Reverse gear ,glove box , suspension . I m a normal guy who wnt to buy this car. But lot of doubts in my mind now. Pls comment and tell

  • yuva rajan

    If vfm Honda Amaze?