Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? LWIAY #0045

Sitene Add
  • Published on Aug 10, 2018

  • The original melt obsidian video BECOME SPONSOR: 001f647 MERCH: 001f525 SUBMIT MEMES: ʚ(• __ TSUKI: __ :::::::My Setup:::::::: (Affiliate links) Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: Europe: Canada: Elgato green screen: (Affiliate) __ :::::::Check out: :::::::: (A game I helped make and affiliated with) __ Outro: Animation: Song:
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  • Rayhart Twins

    Wow this obsidian sword is EPIC!

  • Brendan Ha

    I knew it. You can cast obsidian. Amazing! Minecraft better add obsidian swords now or I’ll be angry

  • Sarcastic Games

    Wow, that is epic, you can actually cast obsidian

  • lasthope420

    Wow that's amazing you can cast a $399 chair out of obsidian.

  • Thomas Drake

    Wow, that is epic. You can actually cast obsidian.


    wow that's epic you can actually cast Obsidian!

  • 9 And A Half Year Old

    Sorry I’m late, I kept avoiding this video because I kept mistaking it for the actual recommendation.

  • Kuroxai

    Wow! I actually made my own obsidian sword. Thank you youtube, very cool!

  • DatAquacy

    OWO YOU CAN CAST OBSIDIAN!?!!??!?!?!? WOW !!1!!1!!1!!!11

  • Sifestia

    i had no idea you could really cast obsidian and make a sword.

  • Stephen Ward

    Wow that is epic, you can actually cast Obsidian!

  • Bee Bee

    But it's so easy you just have to put water onto a source block of lava

  • flashpanda 3000

    Wow that’s amazing you can actually make an obsidian sword I’m going to make one now

  • Cesar T

    Casting obsidian seems like hard work with all that video editing

  • Turtle Lazer?

    I would’ve never guessed Obsidian could be used that way!

  • Sascha Nova

    Wow that was so epic, i cant believe that you can cast obsidian

  • friendly

    Can I cast a sword in my new movie called Obsidian? Thank you, herps.

  • gwahh

    wow that is totally epic! you can really cast obsidian0001f976

  • Tohru

    Wow thats epic you can cast obsidian O:

  • lestatmac way

    Wow, that is epic you can really cast obsidian