THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Sitene Add
  • Published on Aug 4, 2018

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  • THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] tags


  • Izzy

    One day I got out of bed and everyone applauded. Obama was there and I became an instant millionaire. True story.

  • Xenonuke

    The teacher quit because of the camouflage jokes? Bet no one saw that one coming.

  • YazzTheMemer

    when i was at mcdonalds i saw thanos and then he bought me a burger and everyone started clapping

  • sav m.

    one day i woke up and didn't want to die

  • Elizabeth

    i was at the cemetary today while wearing katy perry merch and they lowered the coffin and the priest said "swish swish bish, another one in the casket" and i looked at him and he winked at me. true story!

  • TheNBAFreak

    One time I was binge watching PewDiePie videos in my room when LeBron James came out from under my bed and dunked on me. He then proceeded to pull Albert Einstein out from under my bed, who did a backflip off of my roof before both men disappeared. Magical experience.

  • sofiamb

    Hit? Missed

  • More Information

    Teacher: says something nice and normal

  • Caden Sudderth

    So I was literally just wearing some Panic! At the Disco merch the other day when I went to the mall, and someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around, and no joke, Brendon Urie was standing right there. I told him how much of a fan I was, and he said that I was the nicest and calmest person he's ever talked to. Right as he was about to leave, I asked for a pic with him, but he just said "no one will believe u, lmao" then he did a backflip and left. No joke this actually happened 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Spank da Frank

    One time I was eating a cheeseburger and then I got teleported to Soviet Russia and the cheeseburger ate me

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos?

    one day i was hit by a bus and i died, the passengers thanked the bus driver then slowly clapped as the bus driver did a back flip

  • Capital  D

    I did a 24 hours challenge at a museum and then the dinosaur skeleton started moving at 3 am and so did the other exhibits and in the end, we all ordered McDonald's from the guy who quit NASA

  • Samantha Senderoff

    One day I closed my eyes and couldn't see

  • Joseph Armishaw

    If words don't die what happened to Latin?

  • Benjamin Hammel

    I was walking Obama when suddenly he did a backflip on a hot dog.

  • ConnerTheWaffle

    WOW Pewds, I feel so honored! LITERALLY yesterday Pewdiepie and I were hanging out and I said "You should do a /rthathappened review" and he said "Dude since you're so cool, I will do that and have it uploaded tomorrow"

  • MeowshMalow Z

    One day I crashed my car on a bridge. Then everyone else stood up and clapped.

  • Chris Freeman

    I saw PewDiePie buy a strap-on at the adult store.

  • Colourful World

    I ate my mum for 2 dollars

  • Lelelandra

    One time I was in a bank with my cat and 756 robbers came and everybody had 33 guns and wanted all the money and everybody sceamed and then they shot someone and it was a three yo girl, so anyway, my cat then grew her secret wings and flew over one robber and pooped on him and he fell and all the other robbers fell aswell and then they couldn't get up and then my cat called the police and they got all of them and then my cat called the ambulance to heal the girl but they where really late so my cat decided to do it on her own and healed the girl and her parents came and gave my cat a trophy and everyone clapped.