THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Sitene Add
  • Published on Aug 4, 2018

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  • THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] tags


  • Izzy

    One day I got out of bed and everyone applauded. Obama was there and I became an instant millionaire. True story.

  • ThatOtherGuy

    I was laying in bed, watching this video, supposed to be asleep, when my mom walked by.

  • Jon Showen

    Went to school wearing a fedora once. During English class, my female teacher (who was supermodel levels of hot by the way) commented on how I looked dashing and intellectual.

  • wheresmewig ???

    I asked for a cappuccino at a Starbucks but then the cashier just gave me a million dollars! Life is crazy yall

  • YazzTheMemer

    when i was at mcdonalds i saw thanos and then he bought me a burger and everyone started clapping

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    one day i was hit by a bus and i died, the passengers thanked the bus driver then slowly clapped as the bus driver did a back flip

  • Cyril Gigee

    I actually donated money on a charity stream.

  • vvolfenstein

    God the acid hat thing was so stupid. Not only would he be ingesting all the liquified cellulose and fiber of the hat but also the MOST LIKELY toxic salts formed when they mixed the acid and bases together.

  • Game Changerz1738

    Today, i woke up and was not depressed

  • Benjamin Hammel

    I was walking Obama when suddenly he did a backflip on a hot dog.

  • ConnerTheWaffle

    WOW Pewds, I feel so honored! LITERALLY yesterday Pewdiepie and I were hanging out and I said "You should do a /rthathappened review" and he said "Dude since you're so cool, I will do that and have it uploaded tomorrow"

  • Samantha Senderoff

    One day I closed my eyes and couldn't see

  • Wolfie Princess

    one time I went to Wakdonald's (yes that is a real thing and Felix didn't make that himself) and I saw my math teacher. Then he said that if I bought him a wak-burger he would never give homework again. I felt very generous and I bought him 2. He started to cry and said that that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him then he walked out. As he was walking​ out he didn't see Thomas the Chu Chu Train that was coming...and he got hit....I ran to him and called 911. They didn't come so I dropped his a few bandages and two mini shields so he could get better. He was fine after and never gave homework again. Long story short I saved my math teacher from Thomas the Chu Chu Train.

  • Drippy Tha_SlashGod

    What is up with them and the classroom clapping

  • Infinity Cubed

    One time I met PewDiePie and we got drunk and stole a rocketship. We flew to Pluto and then back. True story.

  • TheNBAFreak

    One time I was binge watching PewDiePie videos in my room when LeBron James came out from under my bed and dunked on me. He then proceeded to pull Albert Einstein out from under my bed, who did a backflip off of my roof before both men disappeared. Magical experience.

  • More Information

    Teacher: says something nice and normal

  • Drinzen

    When people write something "that happened" and it ends with an applause then you know it's fake

  • PythoPanda

    True story : pewdiepie made original content

  • ItsSimple

    I literally ate a whole live horse and pooped it out. Then I died.