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  • Published on Jul 31, 2018

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  • NPT Music

    Deji makes Jake Paul look smart ...

  • Phoenix

    KSI ? more like KYS

  • ElementalFox Gaming

    I’m not on board with KSI

  • marieah

    Atleast they’re hydrated

  • Mike Lunc.

    Finally someone neutral. It's like the internet news, haha.

  • Tobuscus

    I will be the new referee. I will be fair unless I am bribed

  • Sab

    As funny as this is it’s actually really cool how neutral Felix is. Like he hates both of these guys but he’s still able to understand their points.

  • Theoddballguy

    I think puberty still hasn’t hit logan paul what the hell is wrong with his voice now ? 0001f602

  • ridash mad

    Just imagine pewds entering in there with some shades on and some popcorn and watching the argue live0001f601

  • hairychesticles1

    2 lil kids having a slap fight is what i see

  • Ameen

    The winner (ksi or logan) will 100% call out pewdiepie after winning you're gonna see

  • Grace

    Personally I like Ksi more, but he’s a cow for doing that to his family. Like the audience chanting ‘she’s a hoe’. That is rude. And him being sexist, or just saying them words. I don’t really care who wins now.

  • lil' timmy

    I hate Jake Paul but i hate Deji more

  • Freedom Fighters Gaming

    No one pointed this out yet, but I lost it when PewDiePie said "the Tech N9ne-looking guy"

  • Gold Leader

    Again, you can't safely joke in 2018.

  • James Miller

    WE0001f44f WANT0001f44f MARZIA0001f44f FOR0001f44f LWIAY0001f44f

  • Estellya


  • Andrew Alex

    Pewdie, you are a true judge! You should be on the stage with them!!

  • Old News Vids

    I vote Logan because KSI is getting big headed and Logan has decent hair

  • T_time

    "When's it gonna end? August 25" draws