All New Amaze - Official TVC 2018

Sitene Add
  • Published on May 16, 2018

  • Big has finally ARRIVED! Presenting Honda's #AllNewAmaze with features like the CVT In Diesel(1st in Segment) , Paddle Shift (Petrol), DIGIPAD 2.0 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto & Gunmetal Finish Alloys. What are you waiting for? It's time to make #TheBigMove! Test Drive the New Honda Amaze today. Know more:


  • Venetia Bastian
    Venetia Bastian 11 months ago

    Anyone else came here because of the bg music? 😂

  • Shariq Saied
    Shariq Saied 11 months ago

    Car ka to pta nahi... Lekin song bahut mast hai.

  • revanth balu
    revanth balu 11 months ago

    full version of the song will rock 🤘

  • Narayan Babu
    Narayan Babu 1 year ago (edited)

    Does anyone know the name of background music?

  • Bharat chandra K
    Bharat chandra K 11 months ago

    Nice car & nice sing

  • Bikash Beylindok
    Bikash Beylindok 1 year ago

    I love it's design 😍 eager to buy...

  • Sushant Hegde
    Sushant Hegde 9 months ago

    Here because of the song

  • Fun for all
    Fun for all 11 months ago

    Love u Honda always

  • Biki Das
    Biki Das 11 months ago

    What is the song name. So so classy

  • Dhawal Mishra
    Dhawal Mishra 1 year ago

    Perfectly Depicted 👍🏻👏🚗

  • yuva rajan
    yuva rajan 1 year ago

    Good move by Honda by launching awaited amaze. To see how they sell with competition. Decent pricing for now

  • Vislavath sridhar
    Vislavath sridhar 1 year ago

    best in class in this segment

  • Mudit Sharma
    Mudit Sharma 1 year ago

    Today I have got delivery of my car Desial-CVT

  • Vintage Gaming
    Vintage Gaming 5 months ago

    The song was damn good!! Plz release the song!!!

  • Arun V
    Arun V 1 year ago

    Smart move against Dzire

  • Azim Hingora
    Azim Hingora 1 year ago

    Nice car

  • Radhika Yadav
    Radhika Yadav 10 months ago

    Here only for this song! A full version would be great! 😍

  • Fabiana Santos Souza Pinesso

    virou hino da Índia

  • Barani Suren
    Barani Suren 8 months ago

    Honda didn't say about audio copyrights and audio make

  • Raj Bhoi
    Raj Bhoi 11 months ago

    i want to make this song hello tune