YouTube News Are Giving Me $25 Million! 📰 PEW NEWS📰

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 12, 2018

  • YouTube news investment is giving pew news 25 million dollars. Thank you YouTube, very cool SUBMIT MEMES: CHECK OUT: Check out A$$: (A game I helped make): MERCH: TSUKI: :::::::My Setup:::::::: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: Europe: Canada: Elgato green screen: #ad (Amazon affiliate links) Headphones:: Camera:: Microphone::: Display:: Light:: Keyboard:: Mouse:: Mousepad:: __ Outro: Animation: Song:


  • Prashant Vedula
    Prashant Vedula 1 year ago

    Is it me or pew news is actually really good

  • Nergling
    Nergling 1 year ago

    I miss Gloria...

  • TheLindeN
    TheLindeN 1 year ago

    YT accused of promoting fake news so to combat it they give money to Vox.

  • Kirishima Haruto
    Kirishima Haruto 1 year ago

    We really need to stop the whole gender victimism. It's getting out of hand and presenting itself in increasingly ridiculous cases. And the funny thing about it is that we actually question ourselves over it. We need to stop it for gods sake.

  • Jonny
    Jonny 1 year ago

    Which brad fell asleep on the P key?

  • ham beast
    ham beast 1 year ago

    people just want to hate on elon musk for being successful, i dont get it

  • TheWilderCat
    TheWilderCat 8 months ago

    Always in having a conversation:

  • Edgar Larios
    Edgar Larios 1 year ago

    Rich people make me sick. Now excuse me while I go play the lottery.

  • Damien Pol
    Damien Pol 1 year ago (edited)

    Vox has proven itself to be completely impartial and they adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Also, I'm a monkey's uncle.

  • szreaa duh
    szreaa duh 1 year ago


  • Nikolai Slater
    Nikolai Slater 3 months ago

    To be honest though,

  • HiMyNameIsJakeAble
    HiMyNameIsJakeAble 1 year ago


  • Ki G
    Ki G 1 year ago

    The sad reality, is that people just want to find something to criticize others about. It doesn't matter if they did it with good intentions or not. I have noticed this a lot regarding those on social media. For example (as Felix pointed out) Elon broke from the billionaire stigma norms and decided to stop HIS projects and the projects of others to work on helping this kids. When posting about it, it wasn't about fame or anything like that, it was to inform others what he was trying to do in order to help those kids. The ironic thing is, if nobody had stepped up, people would have criticized those with money and degraded them saying they sit on their piles of money and did nothing "good" to help the community in times of need. Then you have Elon who stepped forward to do some good and he still gets criticized by "flashing" his money by posting what he is working to accomplish on social media and then being degraded when said item wasn't used in the rescue. How hypocritical and backwards is that?

  • Haidy Bug
    Haidy Bug 1 year ago (edited)

    YouTube: I’m giving money to news channels!

  • Michael Jay - Value Investing

    I would like to invest in PewNews

  • Supernova
    Supernova 1 year ago

    Why is that Felix seems to be the smartest youtuber, and smarter than a lot of people we may know?

  • lexi r
    lexi r 1 year ago

    why have we been getting 12+ minute videos lately? Have we been blessed?

  • Ethan Bradberry
    Ethan Bradberry 1 year ago

    To be honest even if Elon helps he will still be hated because that gets the most clicks from people although he is not a saint, and he has said some stuff on twitter that is not so savory. I do think that he has been doing more good than bad with his actions and intention.What some people don't realize is that some billionaires, don't have any obligation to help the general populace. Most people want to have money and power, but bash the people that do have the money and power. I think Elon is doing a great job at using his power, money, and influence to help people out.

  • vashts1985
    vashts1985 7 months ago

    were gonna combat fake news by funding Vox... LMAO

  • EldarYT
    EldarYT 1 year ago

    Okay, heres a story;