The Dobre Brothers

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jul 16, 2018

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  • Solutions

    “I’ve seen better acting from adult websites”

  • The Husky Family

    since when do hotels have inflatable mattresses/beds

  • Seth Gunther

    What's really funny is the hotel mattress changes into an air mattress

  • Just Someoen

    If Felix made a disstrack on Tseries it would get so many views omg

  • Luca Yodad

    Guys let me apologize on behalf of Romania for theese dobre brothers. Our bad

  • Learned Lynx46482

    You said the fr*ck word. I'm two years old and I can't belive what I heard.

  • Clorox Bleach

    Why? Why?

  • Amelia Games

    I lost braincells watching this.

  • Catherine McClain

    Kind of hard to believe the Dobre brothers are the sons of an Olympic gymnast and a gymnastics coach, and all they do are pranks and horrible music videos.

  • Rookie ODST

    Ummm did that mattress change from a normal mattress to a blow up mattress? Or was that just me?

  • sofiamb


  • I am Lola

    The Weasley twins are offended by this.

  • Addy Moore

    They sound so bored all the time

  • Turtle The Turtle

    -Make sure you don't vlog and drive kids.

  • Tyler Heineman

    My theory is The Dobre Brothers are an anomaly in some sort of rip in time and are perpetually stuck in 2016

  • TheDman216

    I cant belive that ANYBODY watches these genetic tards and it really says alot about the youth of today

  • Faith McKenzie

    'You'RE mY DrEAm giRL, LiVINg In MY dREam wOrLd

  • Lowkey bandit

    Romeo, Romeo where art thou,Romeo0001f602

  • Ben Hamman

    These guys are coming to my schools homecoming and now I don’t want to go anymore