Bata To Sahi - Official Music Video | Karan Kaushik, Parveen Kumar Anu & Chirag Dahiya

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  • Published on Aug 9, 2018

  • Singer - Chirag Dahiya Music - Parveen Kumar Anu Lyricist - Chirag Dahiya Arrangers / Programmers - Parveen Kumar Anu Lead Guitarist - Karan Kaushik Music Director - Parveen Kumar Anu Audio Mix - Ajay Rajawat Mastering - L.N Babu Sound Engineer - Parveen Kumar Anu Cast - Harshit, Kavishi, Shubham, Juvena & Karan Production Manager - Shafalee Basu Production House - J.S Production Producer - Karan Kaushik Director - Ajit Chaubey Associate Director - Parveen Kumar Anu Editor - Suman Kashyap Rajput Stylist - Atul & Javed Makeup - Nitin, Deepika & Sourav Assistant Director - Narender Singh Bisht D.O.P - Sushil Sharma Concept - Karan Kaushik Editing Lab & Making - Sonibros FX Studio Sponsor - Mr. Rajesh Kaushik Special Thanks To Dr. Amit Bhalla, Sumit Kashyap, Wasim Khan & Yash Kumar Music on Zee Music Company Set Bata To Sahi as your caller tune - SMS BTSH1 To 57575 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116567406 Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710598300 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678910598300 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers SMS BT 10598300 to 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers SMS BT 7146851 to 56700 #NewSongsZMC #NewAlbumSongs Connect with us on : Twitter - Facebook - YouTube -
  • Bata To Sahi - Official Music Video | Karan Kaushik, Parveen Kumar Anu & Chirag Dahiya tags


  • Neeru D

    शाम हो रही पर ढल रहा हूं मैं

  • Explore With Malik Sisters

    lovely performance..... just a suggestion the whole song was telling a story it's just guitarist was a big distraction. it was not according to demand of song.. just a suggestion.. otherwise it was bang on 0001f44c

  • Rishabh Rai


  • pawan kumar

    A beautiful piece of music

  • sanem kubra

    Nice 0001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f4990001f49d0001f499

  • VINI

    What a composition, and great lyrics0001f64c, kudos to youuuuuu, brother! Nicely sung as well.

  • Dr Vinod Dahiya

    Keep up the good work Chirag 0001f44d0001f44d .... nice singing

  • Neha Gupta


  • GumraH ShayaR

    कभी कभी रिश्तों की कीमत वो लोग समझा देते है


    Sweet song 0001f44c 0001f44c 0001f44c, perfect singing 0001f44c0001f44clove your voice 0001f44c 0001f44c 0001f44c 0001f44c


    Great to see you everyone , Great Job done Bata To sahi Team

  • Anuja Jain

    Beautiful & sweet song.....nice voice.....good going Chirag Dahiya 0001f44d0001f44d

  • M Shafiq Shaharyar

    Lovely song and amazing making Weldon ajit Chaube for direction and Pravin ji for Music

  • Dhaara J

    Beautiful video.....nicely sung Chirag Dahiya.....congratulations

  • Khushboo Ginti

    Gud job man shubham mehra... The expressions are awesome good going keep it up lots of love... All the best for ahead... 0001f44dso proud

  • Amra Dost

    So nice

  • Nirmal Dahiya

    Well written lyrics and nicely sung.....,long way to go...God bless you son

  • Nyaasa P

    Good going

  • akshay pandey

    Shubham Mehra..... Bang on expressions and a very awesome start... Keep growing always.. All the very best for future.

  • Arth Sharma

    Very nice great work done!!0001f44d0001f9290001f618