Girl's BFFs Are Two Pigs — Who Act Just Like Dogs | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend

Sitene Add
  • Published on Jan 20, 2019

  • Girl's BFFs Are Two Pigs — Who Act Just Like Dogs | This girl is growing up with two pigs who are basically like big, very friendly dogs. They love to jump up on the bed for snuggles and go on adventures with their big sister 💚 To keep up with Gizmo and Bentley's adventures with Miley, you can follow them on Facebook:, and Instagram: Introducing Dodo swag! Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?: Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: Howl with us on Take a peek at our Snapchat: Love our Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Read more on our site: For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #pig #dog #kitten #puppy


  • Smriti Devi
    Smriti Devi 1 month ago

    This is how a child should be raised

  • Dinosaur Productions555

    Are you a dog or cat person

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith 3 months ago (edited)

    The two luckiest pigs in the world.❤️

  • Carlos Quiroz
    Carlos Quiroz 3 months ago

    This youngirl is what the world needs the most, people who care for animals the way she does..

  • Jako
    Jako 4 months ago

    Pigs are actually much more intelligent than people give them credit for

  • Annie Girl
    Annie Girl 1 month ago

    “IS tHaT a ChIcKeN?!?!”😂

  • Sophia Bell
    Sophia Bell 3 months ago

    I think she’s a very patient and kind girl to get the pigs trust. We need more people like her in this world 😊

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 2 months ago

    It's so nice to see how well taken care of and how clean they are. These piggies behave pretty good. It's nice to see that they are happy and free to roam around.

  • Leigh Johnson
    Leigh Johnson 1 month ago

    beautiful girl and beautiful pigs,you have such a warm heart,god bless you

  • Caliluv
    Caliluv 3 months ago

    My daily smile, thanks to The Dodo and all their animal friends.

  • Desiree Sanders
    Desiree Sanders 1 week ago

    Good job parenting! Your sweet daughter seems amazing and those pigs couldnt have found a better family!

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater 6 days ago (edited)

    Those are the healthiest pigs I’ve seen. They’re bred to gain weight quickly, so it’s a struggle and most pet pigs I’ve seen are horribly overweight but Bentley especially is one lean looking pig; those hikes have kept him nice and trim. What a wonderful big sister they have in Miley. 💕

  • Anne Suffolk
    Anne Suffolk 3 months ago

    This touched my heart. What a lovely family. You are blessed.

  • Alicia Westfall
    Alicia Westfall 4 months ago

    We need more children like her these days.

  • Demon of xXBeASavageBroXx

    Did you have a good time gizmo

  • anthony neilson
    anthony neilson 5 days ago

    Did anyone see that pig jump on that bed?? That's crazy but cool lol didn't know they could jump hah peace

  • YOUR T R A S H
    YOUR T R A S H 2 months ago

    I'm Muslim so we can't eat pork and I'm not even mad UwU

  • T 2E
    T 2E 3 months ago

    When they are all tucked up in bed 😂

  • hannah
    hannah 4 months ago

    This video shows that we as humans should treat pigs the same as we treat dogs. Pigs deserve as much love as we give cats or dogs.

  • Hrishi Alda
    Hrishi Alda 5 days ago (edited)

    Some community treat it dirty..