Are Crib Tents Really Safe?? Family Fun Pack New Year Special Download

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  • 3 jan. 2019

  • It turns out that baby Owen is quite the athlete. He's been climbing out of his crib at all hours of the night lately. His favorite time is around we ordered him a crib tent. It arrived just in time for our New Year's Eve party. Be sure you guys watch Matt's sax solo at the very end of the video--wasn't it SO GOOD!!???? He's got mad skills. Happy New Year!!! Let's make 2019 the best year yet!! Get a personalized video from us to you! Check out our Cameo profile to find out how: Thanks for watching & don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! | Subscribe: Please subscribe to the kids' channels too! (owen) Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Matt's Instagram: Matt's Twitter: Alyssa's Instagram: David's Instagram: Zac's Instagram: Chris' Instagram: Michael's Instagram: Owen's Instagram: This is my family vlog, made for people my own age, with similar life situations to myself so that they can relate to me. I am speaking to people of my own age in this vlog, while featuring the people I care most about in this world--my family. Want to send fan mail? You can find our address in our "about" section here on YouTube. #cribtent #happynewyear #sleepover