Stray Kids "Double Knot" M/V Download

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  • 9 okt. 2019

  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Double Knot" M/V Stray Kids Digital Single "Double Knot" iTunes & Apple Music: Spotify: Stray Kids Official YouTube: Stray Kids Official Facebook: Stray Kids Official Twitter: Stray Kids Official Fan's: #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #DoubleKnot #YouMakeStrayKidsStay Copyrights 2019 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  • 이유선
    이유선 7 maanden geleden

    some of y'all need to realize skz doesn't care about popularity. ofc it's important to succeed with a solid fanbase but it's so insensitive and rude that people tell skz what to do and how to make their songs (less rap, more vocal, more melody pop, etc) as if they are "helping" them to reach a goal. skz' career doesn't revolve around constant wins and the best awards. they're one of the few actual legit artists who actually try out new generes and sounds to experiment and see what they like. they base their songs and lyrics off of real problems they get sent in from stays through fanmail, and only write them with firsthand experience. that is why so many people love them. they don't need advice on how to make the catchiest song or the most popular one, they're making music because it makes them happy and they know it makes us happy.

  • D O P E
    D O P E 2 maanden geleden

    Felix's voice literally don't match his face

  • jannat lenard
    jannat lenard 1 maand geleden

    After hearing the opening and ending of Tower of God I have literally became fan of them

  • Mini cinni Buns
    Mini cinni Buns 2 weken geleden

    I feel horrible for the people that don't know Stray Kids, they are really missing out

  • Yeollie Winchester
    Yeollie Winchester 1 maand geleden

    It's not Stray Kids MV if they aren't running somewhere

  • Mahdiya Manha
    Mahdiya Manha 7 maanden geleden

    "stray kids nine or none" hits differently now 😭😭😭

  • Infires Swag
    Infires Swag 2 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    I searched the meaning of "STRAY KIDS" on google and it said "Don't Sleep on Talent"

  • a.sad.yeehaw
    a.sad.yeehaw 1 maand geleden

    “I’m never gonna get tired of this song” said I to every single skz song

  • An Adorble Rappresentative MC for Youth

    i will not fall for them, i just like their songs

  • The great Doge
    The great Doge 2 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    strays kids

  • ray aldian
    ray aldian 7 maanden geleden

    My pace : Na Na Na Na

  • MrJCarter8
    MrJCarter8 3 weken geleden

    I’m on a stray kids marathon after hearing that dope Tower of God opening

  • Muhammad Arif Zainudin
    Muhammad Arif Zainudin 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    Dont mind me, I am just here because of Tower of God Dope Opening.

  • Grace L
    Grace L 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    It's old, but i'm still seeing these comments. Please don't say this "Nine or none". Woojin left on his own accord and the members bid farewell to him, now they are working as 8. Nine or none is the worst thing anyone can possibly say about this situation and it will hinder SKZ as they are now. Woojin has started his solo career btw, go support him

  • Bamkuhen Original
    Bamkuhen Original 1 maand geleden

    Double Knot is the best song that i ever heard

  • 雪儿 //THE9
    雪儿 //THE9 7 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    I AM: thankful

  • Zaina G
    Zaina G 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    Before episode 1 of Tower of God:

  • Hwang Hooni
    Hwang Hooni 1 maand geleden

    The first Mv I watched To Stray Kids and now I'm stay .. I'll back

  • El Niño sucio De Hawaii
    El Niño sucio De Hawaii 3 weken geleden

    I’m not a stray kids fan but this is so freaking good omg

  • STANTalent aka KPOP
    STANTalent aka KPOP 3 weken geleden

    If my kids don't know this song i will have failed at parent life